I finally got Dragon Shark back on the road after weeks of permanent residency at Rick's No Start. Turned out to be the ECU.

Now I'm plagued by intermittent odd hesitation and rev drops while driving

Some likely suspects- in my search for the answer to no-start , a couple of the 23 year old connectors crumbled in my hands...replaced by copious amounts of electrical tape.One of these was on the airbag circuit- I have not put the airbag back in & now I'm a bit leery of doing so

I also snapped the wire off the ring that goes round 6th plug wire. Not exactly sure what it does. I think these are only on later 6ers.This lil plastic ring on a wire goes for $70 new.I was hoping to find one at the junkyard.What other BMWs to look in? E32 and E34?

Anything else that might cause this?

88 635CSi 5speed

64 1/2 Mustang Convt.,

03 Triumph Daytona/Speed Triple

85 u.s. 635CSi,
84 euro 635CSi,
83 u.s. 633CSi