So, I still get squeaking when cold since the t-stat replacement. I can't hear anything with a stethoscope from the wpump and I thoroughly cleaned the nearly new belts and pulleys when completing the job. The weather has been very cold so I haven't been inspired - so far. At least the new battery is working well.

Today I grabbed my Peake tool to reset a routine illumination of the "INSPECTION" indicator. I read the codes just to check that it was blank as usual and it wasn't. If I read the tool correctly it indicated an "11 FE --". If I have also read the manual correctly (from that is an "EVAP large leak detected" code although the CEL isn't lit.

Now, you'll recall that I reported cricket squeaking from the LR (LINK) which is where some of the leak detection gear is, so I suppose it isn't shocking to one day get a code. Everything seemed intact when I removed the well liners before getting the Krown rust spray applied in the fall. I also went to inspect the gas cap and found a couple of things:

1/ the gasket seems intact
2/ the cap gasket area had liquid fuel on it, even though I think it's been weeks since I bought gas and I have just under a half tank
3/ I had just recently come home from the gym (a short trip, but a trip nonetheless) and there was no vacuum or pressure hissss when I released the cap like I believe there usually is.

Today is a "warm up" to around freezing after a good spell of 0-10F weather for the last couple of weeks. Again, I only found the code because I had the tool connected - no CEL (yet anyways).

Any tips on narrowing this down further other than disassembling the entire car and looking for a tear or clamp problem? There's been no fuel smell or sign of leaks. I would definitely notice that in the garage. I always fill the tank to full also so I'm hopeful that it isn't a hole in a tank or something.

I also have another question. I know there's a drain from inside the filler area into a tube that drains onto the ground. This is INSIDE the gasket for the cap. How is pressure/vacuum maintained when there's a drain tube back there? Or is it cleverly plugged by the cap?

Eurodavid should send me some Belgian chocolates to thank me for attracting this stuff over to this side of the pond... lol