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    wow - Therm is E-A-S-Y on a manual

    It took me forever to do any cooling system parts on my E36 when I had to remove fan. (Eventually I did the fan-delete mod.)
    On this car the Thermostat replacement was about the easiest DIY I have done on a BMW. What a treat to be able to pull the electric fan out and have a ton of room to work. Another reason to buy a manual. If I didn't have to stop for some 5-year-old son maintenance, this couldn't have been more and a half-hour job.

    Quick question... what color is BMW coolant? The stuff in this car was green and I don't think that's OEM. I'll probably do a flush soon as preventative maintenance.

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    The BMW fluid that the dealer put into

    my car was blue.
    I replaced it with Prestone with no phosphates after carefully researching it on their site to find it is safe for all systems.
    I think I recall the Prestone is yellow.
    But just because you have green does not mean it is bad.
    I believe you want to avoid phosphates because of all the Aluminum in our engines, but plenty of other cars have lots of Al.

    And you are correct, the manual makes so many things easy. Wait till you want to replace your radiator and don't have to fuss with transmission fluid coolant lines.

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