I usually post and follow the Z3 m Roadster Page but i think i may find more help here.

I have a '98 M roadster - bought it new in March of 98. Over the past year I've made a couple of changes to the stock HK audio system:

1. I replaced the 3.5" speakers behind the seats with 4" Blaupunkts when the originals went out.

2. The head unit went out and replaced it with a JVC KD-AHD59 from Crutchfield. It required an adapter which I was able to install myself.

3. I replaced the footwell speakers with the mi-range units from an Alpine SPR-13S component system. I did not install the other speakers, etc.

Now the amp has gone bad and I need to explore options. Dealer price for a replacement is over $1,000.

I can bypass the amp and go straight to the speakers but the head unit is not powerful enough to give good sound with the top down.

Can I use any BMW amp other than the direct replacement?

Any suggestions for a good cheap replacement amp?

Any other suggestions? Should I try to install the rest of the component speakers from Alpine?