When I got the 540i I knew it was going to be a high maintenance endeavor, and in the past 5-6 years, my travel was not "that" frequent, which allowed me some good flexibility in getting time set aside to keep my 540i running and maintained. That gamble has paid up great since I have been able to operate my BMW with little/no dealer/mechanic support, and keep operating costs relatively "low".

However even though I recently have done the Valve Cover gaskets and some other things, I still have several leaks that I can't fix on my own, and I have been very worried about possibly being left stranded - I have lost confidence in my car, and specially on my time availability to keep it running well.

I don't have a large budget for a new car, so I was limited to about $20K, but I still wanted something a little bit "fun". Since my wife drives an Accord and we have been very happy with it and our Honda dealer, I researched trade-in values for my 540i in my area, and with that information I went to my Honda dealer last night and test drove the Civic Si 4-door which was my top choice.

Long story short, I got a fair trade-in value on the 540i, and got the Si for $500 over invoice (moving slowly now with the cold weather, plus about 80-85% of new car buyers don't know how to drive a manual tranny car!), so I now have this smaller, and fun car for city driving (and regular trips to/from the airport!), but the best thing is that it comes with a SWEET 6-speed manual transmission, which I have missed since the time I had the 5-sp manual '91 535i.

The most important part of this note is to provide my most sincere thanks to the many Roadfly members who have been so very helpful and instrumental in me being able to repair/maintain my 540i for as long as I have - very much appreciated :-)

As I will not be checking this forum as often as in the past, please let me know by email if there are questions/photos/data that I can share regarding my old posts/DIY's/etc. => wquiles (at) gmail (dot) com

Take care guys!

Richardson, Texas
2010 Honda Accord EX, 4-cyl, auto-tranny (her car)
2000 BMW 540i Auto, TiSilver, Sport/Prem Package (my car)

2006 Dodge Charger Daytona - Top Banana
2005 BMW 330i Auto, Premium Package
2002 M3 Coupe with SMG
1995 525i auto
1991 535i 5-speed manual