This has probably been addressed before. If so please forgive me as I couldn't find any info in a search. I have a Valentine One Radar unit that I want to hardwire and mount on the windshield near driver's A pillar. What is closest and best point to pick up an ignition hot on the driver's side ?? 2001 540iT. I'm ok around electrical systems but totally unfamiliar with the E39. I do have the Bentley manual if needed. Just want to make sure I don't blow a bag or do something elase that the assorted computers on baoard are not happy with.

On a side note, so far so good with the new cats and am very happy. Appears to have picked up about 1.5 mpg. A little more exhaust noise but not objectionable. No CEL's or codes. Eastern Cat has a few units out on test and said they will let me know when they are available for production and pricing. So far it looks like a good choice. I have about 1500 miles on them. Did a quick trip last weekend from Balt to Pittsburgh running 85-90 whole way and got 22.3 mpg on the Winter tires. I was happy with that.