A new baby and lack of use of this 4th car has necessitated that we put up for sale my beloved 1985 325e of the last 23 years.

Just had a tune up and it failed California's Smog Testing miserably.
When it failed in 2005, we put in a DEC catalytic converter and a new 02 sensor. We really don't want to pour even more money into it just to sell it. Do I "give"it to the guy who offered $1500 over the phone sight unseen and wasn't worried about it passing smog or do we pour more money into fixing it and sell it to someone who'll enjoy it but have to deal with passing smog every 2 years or do we donate it to charity?

It is red with black leather, 5-speed stick, stock, with 183k mostly highway miles. No dents, one ding, nor tears in leather, no cracks in dash, no stains on carpet. A rebuilt compressor didn't fix the A/C when it stopped blowing cold back in 2000 or so and the speedometer is sometimes intermittent (we have instructions to fix but have never bothered since only my in-law's drive it when they visit at Christmas.) The paint oxidized again after being re-painted in 2005 so needed a good rubbing and wax to shine up. My hubby is trying to fix the backup light wires/switch and the driver's seat "forward" lever cable. He's tired of having to fix everything.

CBW's BMW is a 1985 325e