I need some help understanding the designation of the different pins in the HK amp connectors in my '98 M roadster.

I'm going to try and install a new amp using the existing wiring. I'm not enough of an audiophile to go through installing new wiring if it's not absolutely necessary.

I found this listing of the connectors and the pin descriptions. I'll put what I know or what I'm guessing beside each one. Can anyone confirm/fix what I enter and add what I'm missing and/or answer the basic questions under each pin listing?

As usual - thanks for the help.

Any advice is welcome as I try my hand at car audio for the first time.

pin function wire color
--- -------- ----------
1 12V red/white
2 on/off white
3 ground brown
4 ground brown
5 RBLO+ blue/purple-Right Back Low Frequency Positive
6 RBLO- blue/gray -Right Back Low Frequency Negative
7 LFLO+ yellow/red -left Front Low Frequency Positive
8 LFLO- yellow/brown-Left Front Low Frequency Negative
9 RFLO+ blue/red -Right Front Low Frequency Positive
10 RFLO- blue/brown - Right Front Low Frequency Negative
11 LBLO+ yellow/gray - Left Back Low Frequency Positive
12 LBLO- yellow/blue - Left Back Low Frequency Negative

(QUESTION - Are these the inputs from the head unit)

J2 26-pin Siemens connector

pin function wire color
--- -------- ----------
1 RB- IN blue/gray
2 RB+ IN blue/purple
3 LB+ IN blue/black
4 LB- IN yellow/brown
5-7 n/c n/c
8 RFHI+ yellow/red (LTwtr)Right Front High Frequency Positive
9 RFHI- brown/orange (LTwtr)Right Front High Frequency Negative
10 LBHI+ yellow Left Back High Frequency Positive
11 LBHI- brown Left Back High Frequency Negative
12 RBHI+ blue Right Back HighFrequency Positive
13 RBHI- brown Right Back High Frequency Negative
14 RF- IN blue/brown
15 RF+ IN brown/black
16 LF+ IN yellow/red
17 LF- IN yellow/brown
18-20 n/c n/c
21 LFHI+ yellow/green (STwtr)Left Front High Frequency Positive
22 LFHI- yellow/brown (STwtr)Left Front High Frequency Negative
23 RFHI+ blue/brown (STwtr)Right Front High Frequency Positive
24 RFHI- blue/green (STwtr)Right Front High Frequency Negative
25 LFHI+ yellow/blue (LTwtr)Left Front High Frequency Positive
26 LFHI- yellow/gray (LTwtr)Left Front High Frequency Negative

(QUESTIONS - Are these the outputs to the speakers? Why the duplication - e.g. two sets of LFHI+/LFHI-)

J3 6-pin AMP connector

pin function wire color
--- -------- ----------
1 GAL IN black/white
3 SUB LO n/c
4 GAL OUT n/c
5 SUB OW n/c
6 SUB HI n/c