If the temp gauge goes immediately to hot could this be a temperature sensor problem? I've got a e28 88 535is that's been sitting a while. Normally it's been starting up fine and not missing a bit but now it's difficult to start. With foot off gas petal it starts and dies immediately. With foot on gas it will start and run but cuts out and eventually stops running. Looking at troubleshooting section of Bentley manual and it mentions possible problem with temperature sensor. I noticed that while running the temp gauge was all the way over to hot but the engine had just started and had no time to even warm up. I'm pretty sure the gauge isn't set to hot side immediately after starting but could someone verify this for me and if with just the ignition switch turned on if temp gauge goes to hot side then back after startup. Would appreciate it much. I haven't been on the forum for years. Do they still have the listing of members and pictures of each other's car?