I spent the last two days putting my M62 back together. This took much longer than I would have liked but I not only had to wait for the BWM special tools to arrive but I also caught Pneumonia that kept me down for the last month.

This is the first DIY I've done on my 540i and overall it went quite well. I ended up replacing many vacuum hoses due to age break down and and have one remaining bracket I cannot find a home for. I posted a photo of it in hopes someone can help me figure out where it gets installed.

When performing the upper timing cover gasket replacement I ended up having to remove the upper/lower radiator hoses and caught all the draining coolant I could which seems to be about 2 or 3 gallons.

Is there a procedure for pouring that back into the radiator?

When I installed the VCG's with their new gaskets I was quite surprised and proud of myself to get them with the first try on the passenger side. The driver side was a bit more cumbersome and I had to have someone hold the fuel line up and back a bit for install. However both gaskets seated good the first pass as I used my hands with no gloves to feel the half moons seated correctly.

Oh another issue I encountered was reinstalling the positive battery terminal atop the VCG on driver side. I was able to tighten up one of the two screw as one of them stripped out. What can I do to remedy that or is it even necessary. One of them holds it in place quite well.

I also attached photographs of my completed project. I haven't started her up yet so I'm praying to have no leaks.

I really want to thank everyone on this board for their invaluable information and willingness to provide the information so quickly and accurately. I could not have done this job without the assistance provided by our members. Thank you and hats off to you!

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