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    BMW735i wont start

    Hello~My g/f's neice recently bought a BMW 735i. Ran & drove fine for a few months then developed a hard start issue. Tokk many cranks till it would finally fire up, ran like crap till it warmed up then seemed to settle down and run good. The hard sart progessively got worse to the point that it doesnt start at all. I would like to help her get it going again as she has become a new mother and desperatley needs a working dependable car. I am a fair "shade tree" mechanic and am not affrais to take on any job as long as I have a book and now with the internet....You! Thank god for these forums. I have read some of the posts on here and the answers giving and I believe this is top shelf advise given. Special kudos to Shogun Thanks to all

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    first check the distributor and distributor cap

    fuel, ignition, airleaks.
    that is a good starter.
    A lot of stuff is on my website below, read and check what fits to your probs.Shogun E32 Tech Tips: http://twrite.org/shogunnew/topmenu.html

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