hi all,

If I open the radiator cap the following morning after the car sit only for a night, the coolant inside the exp tank will goes up. In such a case what I found very easy to do in the past with my demise E34 and E36 turned to be a nightmare: I have to do bleeding process all over again. My questions are:

1. Is this normal? If yes, why? If no, what have happened? I can confirm that there is no leak in the system.

2. As mentioned by Jimcash in his bleeding procedure I should wait until engine cold. How cold? Done that before after car sits for abt 48 hours! (perhaps because of my climate?), coolant stayed down. But having to let the car sit for that long is a luxury for me. I drive the car everyday. Is there any alternative way to do just open the rad cap and top up or check coolant level?

3. Why is it so difficult with this car? or something may have gone wrong? Please help! I am getting tired having to stare at the temp gauge everytime I drive.

Thanks in advance!

528i/e39/1997/m52 engine.