I'm getting ready to replace timing guides on my current M62TU. They have been getting progressively noisier over the past 15k miles, and just recently started making a huge racket. The racket got dramatically worse with a steady grinding noise from the timing case when I installed a new main chain tensioner last week, so I'm certain the issue is the guides. Last time I had the driver side valve cover off I noticed the cam chain tensioner was getting loose, so I'm gonna swap that out too.

I am pulling the block to do the job so I can also reseal everything, including the upper oil pan and rear main seal (which were compromised and leaking badly thanks to a plugged CCV - I fixed this some time ago, but the damage to the gaskets had been done). I will pull with the transmission attached and remove it afterwards to protect my fingers. To date, I have pulled off the front of the car, removed all the cooling system stuff on the front of the block, disconnected the engine wiring harnesses, detached the A/C compressor from the block, detached the driveshaft at the guibo, and disconnected the heater hoses at the rear coolant manifold.

I'd really appreciate any advice when trying to pull this thing with the (6 speed) transmission attached). My hope is that I can lift the engine just off the mounts and then pull it forward. Has anybody tried this approach, and is there anything I am likely to get stuck on on the way out?

[As background, my previous 540i died in a hail of bent valves (only the passenger side for some reason) when neglected timing guides entirely failed (at under 140k all guide plastic failed, the center U-shaped guide lost about 2/3 of its metal and the timing chain flew off). Fortunately, I've caught this one in time at 150k. I think the guides are generally not destined for real long life in the M62TU, but I think they can last longer with a good chain tensioner, so I recommend changing the tensioner at the first sign of chain noise.]