I did a search, but didn't find an exact set of symptoms like mine.

So, I bought this car and it has obvious electrical rewiring issues. Car was in an accident and whoever put it back together wasn't a perfectionist.
That said, the headlights look fine to me.

Low beams work fine.
I have the ability to pull the stalk and get the passing flash beams. The high beam light goes on on the dash.
Pushing the stalk does nothing. No high beams and no light on the dash.

I'm thinking of just getting a used stalk for $50 from Bavarian Auto Recyclers to see if that's the problem, but figured I would ask you guys first for any diagnostic suggestions.

All ideas are welcome.

Also, I'm not a very experienced wrench spinner, so any difficult questions or procedures may be outside of my abilities.

Thanks.=========================================== ==============

Michael G. vH

1999 528it
1994 325i (sold)