Ok, just received new Bilstein Shocks under the warranty. They have 95K on them and one is badly leaking, the other one has too much bounce on it when pushing down on fender. Just found out that the front seing arm support that connects to the shock broke and needs to be replaced. Also need to replace the boots at top of shock. How common is it for swing arm support to break. 195k 2000/328i. Getting both replaced.
Also, when changing to snow tires, I noticed that one side of the front is slightly lower in the last year, maybe 1/4 to 3/8 inch (needed to raise car on that side to get floor jack under it). I was thinking this might be the time to change Springs--I have Eiback in the car now with about 100k on the springs. But maybe I will just live with it and hope it does not get worse. I do not see how that would have anything to do with the swing arm support or leaking shock, even though it is on the same wheel. Any feedback is appreciated.