Had the 97 540i for about 6 years. Been through the wars with her, brought her back from the dead after an accident, kept her road worthy, running like a top and not too long ago she was paid off. Gave her a new suspension, Bilsteins/H&R, engine just purrs.

But as the list of things kept growing and my time available kept shrinking she was slipping slowly into a state where it was time to make a decision. I had gathered pieces and parts in my garage getting ready for her total make-over and a couple of weeks ago I sat drinking a beer in my garage alternating my gaze towards the pile of parts and my 97 sitting in the driveway. She still had that stance but as I mentally worked through the things I new she needed to get 100% back I made a decision. Perhaps it was time to move on.

So I started looking around through the various online places getting a feel for the market and availability, making notes, making calls and going to check things out. Its been several weeks now but today I pulled the trigger. 2000 540i, Koni's/H&R, Dinan intake/exhaust, rebuilt suspension with oversized sway bars, Dark grey with black inside without a rip or tear, M front bumper and angel eyes. Only 98k miles but it has been cared for, that is obvious. Everything works great and the guy who sold it to me is a lover of E39s too....

So I salute my 97 for the many years of fun. I will soon put it up on craiglist as a driveaway parts or project car for a couple grand to see what happens. She is a good car but it was time for me to move on.

So now I will start another to do list with the new ride (which is totally sweet)...onward and upward....Scott
87 535is (never should have sold that car)
86 635CSI (ditto above)
00 528i (GFs car but might as well be mine)
97 540i
- upgraded to 100% new sports suspension
- H&R + Bilsteins
- 18" M parallels
- Long [Oops!] to-do list :)