Heres what I wtote in my trial by declaration.
I would say for Californians this is likely to only work if cited with cvc22350 UNSAFE SPEED. You get a cvc22349 you're pretty much SOL.


cvc22350 - Safe Speed not prima facia

The LA Times had reported law enforcement in Lake Elsinore and surrounding areas would be on "saturation patrol" .There was also a warning announcement for those who might be DUI that there were a number of officers up and down Grand Ave and to proceed with caution.

As I left the Roadhouse Saloon and pulled onto Grand Ave I was passed on the right by two Asian sport coupes looking as though they were in the midst of racing each other. I maintained a safe speed but was
tailgated by a vehicle to which I sped up slightly. This turned out to be CHP who then redlighted & claimed I was doing 64mph. Although this would qualify as safe in these conditions under CVC22350 I think the passing racers or the offenders getting ticketed on the other side of the road must have been the cause of their claimed radar reading. I was driving a 65 Mustang in need of a radiator and total restoration. I was going rather slow

The speed signs on Grand Ave , Lake St, and Ortega Hwy seem rather arbitrary 65mph on a blind left sweep at Lake . 45mph on one part of Grand yet 50mph on a narrower more poorly maintained section. A recipe ripe for law enforcement designed for revenue generation and not reasonable interpretation of traffic laws .

I drive at a comfortable and safe speed, and when riding motorcycles I ride within my ability. I always pay attention when driving or riding a motorcycle. I tend to stay ahead of traffic, I dont engage other drivers into road rage and racing. I do not get distracted with texting and cellphones when behind the wheel.

Cars & Motorcycles are my favorite passtime.I truly enjoy motoring and hope even with my unfortunate rash of violations in 2010 I can maintain my driving privileges.

88 635CSi 5speed

64 1/2 Mustang Convt.,

03 Triumph Daytona/Speed Triple

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