Hi everyone. I've been off the board a while. Good to see the usual suspects are still active. Here's the problem. Couldn't pass smog again so checked the archives and one suggestion was to replace the ccv. Since I did have some minor oil leaks I decided to go that route and replace the plugs. I have a mobile mechanic who, up til now, has been a very good, honest and reliable guy. He's worked on all my vehicles and saved me a ton of cash on shop labor. He replaced the 8 plugs no problem but when it came to the CCV, problems came up. Due to a strip bolt he couldn't get the CCV off, so needed to take the whole intake off to get to it. After haggling for an extra $200 for the labor he had the intake off fairly quickly and swapped the CCV. When reinstalling the intake there was one electrical connector at the front of the intake area that he couldn't find the mate to. He seems to think that it was diagnostic connector plug. That worries me. Anyway everythings put together cranks her up and now there's this noticeable intake leak (tested with carb cleaner), no CEL however. He says that I now need to replace the gaskets. I told him I had those replaced 4yrs ago he said just get the parts and he'll take care of me. So I take it for test drive and it's just miserable. The tranny changes gears @ higher revs (could be the new NGK plugs). Returned to the house shut it down and then went out again and barely made it back. It's like in limp mode. Can only get up to 23-35mph and rpm @ 2500 or so with accelerator floored. Any ideas? I really think that connector needs to be plugged to something. Any body have the electrical schematic for the engine bay? Thanks guys for all your help.