OR...ca$h trade offers ....I'm readdy
I'm not doing some good ol cars justice by hanging on to them for "future projects and spare drivers".......
Starting to live back in Jamaica more and more.....
Cant take anything with you anywayBUT will make it to the end with at least 2 old 6's..... The rest and lots of parts could make someone a millionaire...Provided you start with ith 2 or 3 million.

Counting parts cars there are at least 11 E24's from 78 to 85
about half Euros... a ouple 3 series and 2 740's and maybe 1 of our 02's.... all cars located in Midwest close to StLouis

Been here in Ja since mid Jan but home by spring to work on liquidATINGS OF stuff

My wireless laptop works good in the Bush at the old Bob Marley place where we stay much of time if I not working on the shop on some old Mini's that we getting running on Hydrogen gas mix.

Send an Email with a phone number and I'll call you because they have super cheap calls to n America