Guys -
My '88 325ic has gone on its annual hunger strike, refusing repeated attempts to coax it into starting. Yeah, we've done this before: The first time turned out to be a cracked distributor cap; the next year it was a failed FPR. Geez Tech has been instrumental in locating the previous problems, and I'm hoping he'll pitch in again.
The fuel pressure is right where it oughta be (~40 psi), the plugs are new and the spark is good (I pulled #2 and left the plug on the valve cover); the position sensor tests out at 507Ω.
Immediately before the problem developed I'd replaced both the fuel pump and the position sensor for cause; both new units bench-tested fine and are installed correctly.
Anybody got any ideas? (Please don't tell me it's probably the CPU, because I don't have a spare. Besides, everybody always blames the CPU, and that's never it.)
Thanks for your help -