I have a set of straight but "cosmetically challenged" style 42 wheels on my 540I. I got the wheels used, the corrosion started under the two piece mating of the hub and rim and ate out under the clearcoat of the rim on all of them. Its pretty ugly what aluminum will do when corrosion happens under a coating.

I have experimented with sanding and then polishing the rim/lip sections and they come out nice. Paint stripper eats the remaining clearcoat easily. The hubs/centers of the wheels are in great shape, no need to refinish, but the trouble I'm having is getting close to the hub/rim intersection and not tearing up the good finish on the hub.

It appears that the rim/hub could simply be unbolted? The bolts do not appear to penetrate the rim at all, they look "blind" into a thick center section of the rim. Can these wheels be disassembled?

If I can get them apart, polishing/refinishing the rim itself will be much easier. If anyone has done this I would love to hear about it.

I know that I can pay a shop like Rimpro to do this. Trouble is for the money I could also just buy a new set of aftermarket wheels.

Thanks, RT