Just for grins, I decided to search Craiglist in Chicago for 6 series cars.

I ran across an add that listed an 85 M635 and an 85 US spec auto parts car, package deal $10,000. Of course, I was a bit curious.

Turns out the car was an M635 minus the entire interior that was supposed to be complete in the garage that had holes in the roof.

No exhaust after the #1 muffler, wheels and tires were flat TRX's.

The headlight assemblies had been moved to the US car for some odd reason.

Body had minor rust behind the wheels, nothing real bad.

The sad thing is it was outside and the guy has owned it for at least 15 years at about 35,000 miles.

I don't need another car (project anyway). My guess is a value of maybe $3500 to 4,000 for the power train and front end.

Any thoughts