My 530 i stalled out today, started missing and then smoking like it was burning oil. I thought maybe a momentary ovre rich condition, but oil smoke smog began to billow out the back, looked for a pull over spot and then lost power. Engine would not turn over, like suddenly lack of battery power? Busy street, so called quick for tow. Oil drops out of exhaust pipe, very very scarey.

Local mechamic that towed it indicated it was a common problem to this model, which is a 2004 530i 4 dr sedan auto 6 spd. Mech just called back indicating this s a common BMW 530i issue, called it first frozen dipstick (is that me?) phenomena, where moisture freezes in dipsrick, apparently no other vents work right, oil filles cylinder through ? not sure, maybe head gasket?

He said it is about 14 parts, initially $1100 for parts and about same for labor, 10 hours at $110/hr.

I searched for something like this on this e60 site, found nothing. Any ideas?