on bottom of windsheild. Looks great, big impovement. Followed someonew DIY instructions for E46 and worked well except one person who responded to the instructions said you do not need a gear pulley to get the wipers off. I tried it without the gear pulley, and found out the gear pulley is a must. Lucky I was able to find one that size in my workshop.
BUT need your help. While doing the work I saw signs of mice visits, so I vacuumed carefully on top of the manifold, and it looked like I got it all. Decided to remove the manifold cover and take a clover look. Found a lot of nesting material, including pieces of a BMW parts label. Carefully I got most of it vacuumed out, and the remainder I used my leaf blower to remove.
QUESTION--Is the mouse nesting under the hood a commom problem. Any Idea how to prevent it other than traps around the car wheels.