I was having trouble with my car battery keeping charge and the mechanic told me alternator is toast, and most probably due to the leaking PSF. Also, the noise that is coming out is due to a leaking Power Steering Pump. So I replaced the Power Steering Pump, and the two hoses that are attached to the PSF reservoir and the following
-Oil Pan Gasket
-Valve Cover Gasket

Got the car back few days ago and the battery/alternator/power steering issue seems to have been taken care off.

BUT, now when I start driving, the car seems to rev higher and make a whining sound as the rpm is going higher. It feels a little like when the clutch was about to give ways from my olden days, this car is automatic.

Like today morning when I was reversing the car, the RPM went to nearly 3.5K before the car even moved and the car would drive forward after reaching higher RPM. After driving to work, nearly 15 miles, the situation seems to get better,but definately very noticable.
Also another interesting thing is the temprature gauge did not move past quarter. Usually it gets to half in a mile or so. Accoding to trip computer, my gas mileage in the last few days is at 16.2, usually I get around 23.
Any idea what is going on.

I am just loosing it. Any good mechanic, DIYers in the Metro DC area I can hook up with. I just blew my tax refund and I have knots in my stomach :(

This is a 130K mile 2000 528.