Good day everyone!!

It is heartbreaking that I have to move on from my E39. My family and I are headed to Yurrip and I won't be taking my 244539 mile 540i/6 with us. It has too many mods for them to allow it on the roads. Kinda odd too since they don't have emissions and we do. I have been looking at getting a 2004 330i/6. Anyone on here have any experience with one? There aren't many around, that's for sure. Oh, black beauty is for sale, if anyone knows someone that would like to own (IMHO) one of the best automobiles made!! It has high miles (DUH!), but I did the timing chain and all the guides a few thousand miles ago. My wife likes the 2005-2007 530i, so I guess I will have to get one of those for her. I will always prefer the E39 or the E46!! I have some Ebiach lowering springs and a set of shop manuals, if anyone is interested. And some old (original 98) headlights that need adjusters and cleaning.

Well all, if anyone ever needs anything specific and I can find it over there, drop me a line!! william540i at yahoooooooo dot com...

I owe a lot of my knowledge to this board and it's great members!! Thanks all!!!