Alright fellas, I'm trying to install my new rear ball joints and I have all the necessary tools to do it, but I'm having difficulty pressing it out. I don't know if the joints are so rusted inside that I can't get them out ---OR--- am i pressing the wrong way?? That is, are they supposed to come out towards the rear, or towards the front.

This is what I've done so far...

1) Removed the circlate (which is on the rear side of the ball joint)
2) I removed both sides of the rubber boots

From what I've seen in the YouTube video (, it appears that the BJ comes out towards the FRONT of the car, but from where I'm looking at MY car, the larger metal ring around the OLD BJ is at the rear, so it looks as if it should come out from the REAR? Does this make sense?

My question is this, the YouTube video makes it look so easy for the BJ to come out. Is this accurate for most of you? Or do I gradually keep tension on the BJ pressing tool, wait, tense it again, then again wait for it to loosen up before it comes out?

Any suggestions you have would help.

Thanks again.