I have been posting about my transmission issues and I just got the dreaded call that the transmission is gone. A well recommended reputable indy is willing to install a used one from a low mileage car and guarantee it for 15K miles for $2700. Also the oil fiter housing gasket and a line needs to be changed for $300. So looking at $3000. This is a 2000 528 with 133K miles and I am wondering if I should invest the monies or cut my losses and move on, sucks as I just spent $1600.

The car's interior/exterior is very very well maintained. I often get compliments for it and the following has happened since I purchased the car at 60K miles:
1) Blew the radiator and Water Pump at 68K miles. Changed all the associated hoses and belts when I had it repaired.
2) ABS unit went at about 74K miles
3) MAF went at around 100K and I had the Vanos seals done at the same time. Also changed O2 sensors
4) I had the alternator, steering pump, oil pan gasket, Valve Cover Gasket replaced in the last 2 weeks.
5) Changed one windows regulator and haven't bothered with the other one that went out. Other things like sway bar links, a hose here and there done.

I would like the community to tell what other major issues (and associated expenses) are lurking around the corner AND your thoughts. This will help me make a decision.