OK, need some suggestions. Car is 2002 530i 5spd M Sport (my sig other's car, mine is the 2001 540i Wagon, I'm coming to the conclusion that keeping 2 100k e39's healthy is a never ending project and labor of love).

I've known for a while that the rear pads were getting thin but was hoping it would go till warmer weather. Wrong. No noise or metal to metal but about a week ago got the "Check Brake Linings" on the display and the little red "Brake" lit up on the inst panel.

Today I replaced rear pads and rotors, fronts have about 10k on pads and rotors and llok fine. Fired car up and the display is still lit. Brakes are fine, stops great, no fluid leaks, sensors are connected. I pulled the neg cable for 10 minutes to reset computer and it's still on.

Should I just plan on replacing the sensors or is there a reset sequence I've missed ??