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    Rear Brake Replacement

    I have replaced the rear rotors and pads on my '98 Z3. Before putting the tires on, I tested the job on the jack stands. Now the ABS light comes on and I doubt I could drive the car. Have checked the pads and rotors and they are clean and I have adjusted the hand brake. Also bled all four brakes. The ABS light still comes on.

    Any ideas would really be appreciated.

    By the way this is at 194,000 miles and I actually believed the tire shop that they needed to be changed. Still had 1/3 of the pad left.

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    When you ran it jacked up the ABS noticed that the

    front wheels were not turning and so must be skiding, Drive it a short distance and the ABS will then see that all the wheels are turning at the same speed and the light should go off.

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    I cleaned the speed sensors, put the car on the ground, drove 500 feet and the yellow lights went off. Thought that's what fixed it but your explanation makes more sense. Thanks.
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    I've not had ABS for 4 years :)

    its been broken so long the ABS and ASC lights have burned out :) Havent missed it once, and I've put 100k on the car since the ABS computer crapped itself.

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