I hope I am not breaking etiquette here. I have a E32 that is up for sale on ebay, starting at $1 (hoping to go higher LOL)


Great 1990 BMW 735i, all known options available. Car quit running and the owner is not in a position to fix it. Unknown issue but car is sold as is. Body is basically rust free. There are very small dents on the trunk, rear quarter panel (drivers side) and the gas cap cover is missing. The trunk dent is visible in the picture and the rear quarter panel one is even smaller. Orginial radio is included but not installed. Trunk looks like brand new. All 4 tires look brand new.

The mileage is approximate as my girl friends daughters were driving it and the car is 50 miles from where I am. I know it is between 150,000 and 190,000 and very likely close to the 170,000.

Tranny and everything else was working perfectly until it stalled and we decided to put it on the market.

Car is located in Mankato, MN and will have to be hauled via trailer or towed. We do need quick pickup on this item as it is stored at a friends home and they are looking to have it moved soon since the snow is gone.