Itís that time of year again. I am coming to you as the Lead Judge for the 2011 Southeast Sharkfest to request volunteers to participate as judges for this yearís Southeast Sharkfest Concours. For those of you who have been judges before and are interested in volunteering again; welcome back!
For those who might be considering volunteering to be judges for the first time please do so. As I have said in years past itís a great opportunity to see some really great cars ďup close and personalĒ. The volunteer judges are critical to making this aspect of the Sharkfest experience a success. A minimum of 6 judges are required to make the judging process go smoothly. Judging does not require any specific expertise or prior experience, just a willingness to help. The judging criteria for the Concours can be found on the Sharkfest website, .
If you are interested in volunteering but have questions you can email me at [email protected] and Iíll be glad to answer them.