If BMW wants a better mileage car, why not bring the 120d to America? If the 335d is any indication of mileage, I'm guessing the 120d would achieve pretty darn good numbers too!

To quote C&D: "the diminutive diesel had a respectable 161 horsepower and an astonishing 251 pound-feet of torque." Needless to say, it wouldn't be a slow automobile.

"Absent are such things as active anti-roll bars, electronically adjustable damping, active steering, radar cruise control, the aforementioned gearbox, and of course the exasperating iDrive, which rivals HAL 9000 for its love of human input. We didn't miss any of these and in fact celebrated their absence. What the 1-series does have is a remarkably rigid structure, easy-to-use controls, strong brakes, fleet-footed acceleration, precise steering, and entertaining handling. Those are the traits that put BMW on the map, and they are all there unfettered by electronic second-guessing. Add the torquey and efficient diesel, and you have a $25,000 BMW that is closer to the Ultimate Driving Machine ideal than BMWs costing twice its price." Take us back to basics BMW!

Have read that BMW is considering adding a BMW badged FWD automobile to it's line up. (The horror!) Bring the 120d instead! It already exists, so you don't need to develop a new car (much less sacrifice the vehicle dynamics BMWs are known for by going with a FWD automobile). The only down side is this would probably crush Mini sales, but I have no intention of ever owning a FWD auto...ever!