I would like to notify you guys of a rally being put together this July 8th-15th. It is called the 3k Auto Rally and will consist of all very high end cars on a 3,000 mile run. Much like the Gumball, or a Cannonball run however more affordable and will be organized differently. The entrance fee is only $300 including passengers; I have sent out many invitations so far and have a few cars already going. I would like to send a few more out to who ever may be interested. I am aiming for a number of cars over 30 while not exceeding 80. There are cash prizes (1st-3rd places) awarded at the end of the rally based upon a list of duties to accomplish or arrival times to meet with points given. Same equal points and duties/ arrival times/ etc will be given to every participant; person in the end with the most points wins the cash.
It is composed of mainly sports cars that are highly modified, rare, or exotic. The rally will begin in DC, driving south hitting popular cities such as Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Miami Beach, Tallahassee, westward towards New Orleans, and North to Nashville, back to DC.
We are looking for sponsors as well if you are a business owner interested in taking part. There will be several sponsors involved with the rally. We are looking to gain something useful and of interest from the sponsors such as a dinner put together one of the nights from your company's expense in return for very high publicity. We will have a decal of the sponsor's logo on each sports car entered in. This event will be put into magazines and grow a large interest of people along the annual continuity.

If you are interested in the rally or would like to know more about it please send me an email at 3kautorally@gmail.com or by phone (703)727-7598. Ask for Danny Knight.

Also- because I will be adding this to several other forums, please send me an email to the address above or call, I more than likely will not be checking the forum email or responses in the thread.
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