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    X5 Won't Start - Bad Key

    The X5 wouldn't start last night. Put the key in, turn it to the right, everything normal, turn the key - NOTHING. No starter click, nada. 12.0 V according to the Pioneer AVIC.

    A quick search online suggests trying the OTHER KEY. And sure enough it worked. Oddly enough, the original key (which is older) then worked fine. But after driving the car home, I tried the other key. Didn't work.

    Put the newer key in, and, it works.

    Of course, I found this all out after dicking around with the clutch switch for an hour and checking the F39 fuse.

    As noted in other forums, before trying ANYTHING, be sure to TRY THE OTHER KEY.

    Now I just have to get a second key from the dealer. UGH!
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    Robert Platt Bell
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    Weak Key Symptons

    What is interesting is that the "bad" key will still work. If you use the newer key, and then shut off the engine and put in the older, bad key, the car will start - several times in a row.

    But let the car sit for a half-hour and only the "good" key will work.

    The EWS Immobilizer can only accept, I think 6 keys over the life of the car. If you go over that number, you have to replace the EWS module and have it coded to the engine computer.

    I can imagine when these cars are 20 years old, parts like that will be scarce, and probably cost more than the car will be worth at that point.

    It's not like the old days, when you can keep an older car running forever.

    BTW, this key problem occurs with Mercedes and other makes - several people have mentioned this problem to me.

    And of course, "Good old fashioned" mechanical keys do wear out, too. But you could buy those at the hardware store, back in the day....
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