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    Green fluid behind right rear wheel

    Good Morning:

    I am a new member on this blog, and own a 1989 5 -speed 635Csi which has not been driven since 2004 because of an illness I have had.

    The vehicle has been stored in a secure indoor facility, out of the elements and I have maintained the vehicle as best as I could without actually driving it. The car has 99,000 miles on it, is in 90 pt.condition visually, and I am now at the period in time where I can and desire to drive it again.

    I understand that some systems will have to be worked on before actually taking the vehicle on the road, but my initial problem is a "green" fluid in a drip tray behind the right rear wheel which has been accumulating over the years! I clean it up every time I am around the car but it continues to accumulate. I have not lifted the rear of the car to investigate the location of the leak since I was physically unable to do so, but am guessing the issue must be shock or wheel bearing orientated? Could it be brake fluid leaking? The fluid has not been changed in probably at least 8 years. The Green color of the fluid is the mystery. It is certainly not anti-freeze!

    I understand vehicle maintenance but am not qualified to actually do these major repairs. I just want to understand what my issue is so that I can find someone qualified to do the repair--whatever it is.

    This is a wonderful vehicle which I originally purchased in 1996 with 50,000 miles and have maintained professionally over the years until my illness. I live in an area that has no BMW qualified mechanics and am concered as to whether I can safely drive the car 400 miles to have it serviced in its present condition?

    Sorry for the long read but I had to explain why the vehicle has been unused for so long a period.

    Thanks for reading and for any constructive comments!

    man of marin
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    It sounds like you have SLS(self leveling suspensoin} in the rear. The reservior for that fluid is under the spare tire and there are tubes and accumulators{cannon balls} in the wheel wells. All of this stuff can leak. You need to determine if the SLS is still functioning or not to know if you are repairing or just finishing the draining of that system.
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    My SLS system once spit up alot of fluid that leaked out the well. No one ever explained it and it hasnt (knock wood) done it again. But since it happened while parked it would seem that the pump kept running after shut off--I did replace the relay.
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