Roadfly has been undergoing major changes since late 2010 to modernize our forums and classifieds. The forum migration is complete but we're not yet finished with our new classifieds system. As a result we're still using our old classifieds system.

If you became a member of after March 1st, 2011 our old classified system is not available to you due to membership system changes. If you registered after March 1st, 2011 please post your car for sale in the Vehicles For Sale Forum. We apologize for the inconvenience while we continue to upgrade the classifieds.

If you became a member of before March 1st, 2011 the classifieds should function as they always have. You may need to login to the classifieds separately. Your name may appear at the top of the page as being logged in but you still may need to re-login to the classifieds.