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    soft top rear window trim strip repair - my experiences

    This one is for the archives and other folks that have this problem . . .

    The black plastic trim strip around the rear window of my MY2000 soft top was coming undone. Apparently most people have the stitching on the rear window begin to break, but I was just having the trim strip start to break away from the window (on the driver's side upper corner, to be exact).

    I searched the forum and others recommended RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant so I bought/tried it, but it did not stick. Perhaps I didn't clean well enough or apply pressure long enough while it cured. Also, it was messy to apply without getting it onto the roof and/or window.

    When that failed, I tried plain ole' Super Glue. Not successful.

    In desperation, I even tried epoxy. It held a while, but it broke loose after opening/losing the roof a couple of times.

    Since the trim strip appears to be some type of plastic, I decided to buy a specialized glue and try it. At an Ace Hardware, I found Loctite PLASTICS Bonding System - about $6. It is a two-step repair. First, there is an "activator" (contains heptane) in a small metal felt-tip type pen. You rub the two surfaces with this and allow it to dry a minute. Then you apply the glue (small tube containing cyanoacrylate) to one surface, push together and hold for 30 seconds. Wow - it does indeed bond! Be certain to get it in the right position immediately because it really sets up fast.

    I'm not sure if the glue is just plain Super Glue and it's the heptane primer that makes the difference, but it appears to be holding well. Big bonus was no long term clamping/pressure on the joint like with the RTV. I've had the roof down a couple of times and it appears to be holding. Only time will tell.

    Good luck!
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    Howdy, Thanks for the tip. That appears to be the only flaw I have on a 27K '98. I was wondering what to use. I'll try the Loctite solution. Best, mike
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