Hey all,
I'm a Porsche noob and not a hands-dirty car guy. However, I am looking to purchase a 911 and use it as my daily driver when I begin my new job. I'll have a 14mi round trip commute off Interstate.

Basically, I know nothing other than the random article I've read in Excellence magazine. I like late 80s 911s but need to be pointed in the right direction. My budget is in the subject line, and if I spend $20k I don't want to immediately put $10k into it. Whatever price point I look at I will need a car ready to go and use from Day 1. I am diligent about upkeep of cars and will be so with this one.

Thanks for any advice. I am in the Tampa area, btw, and will go anywhere in FL to have a look. Anyone know a good repair shop in the Tampa/St Pete area I would take rec'ds too :^D

Thanks for any help