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    E30 M3 on the podium for the 1st time ever at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs!

    The races will be loaded on the www.speedcasttv.com website as on-Demand shortly, it may be a few days. a YouTbue search for "Runoffs STU" will pull it up too.

    The race was great - I got a great start and went side by side with Hoover in the turbo miata in one, but his car is so light and has a lot of low end torque he just got around and by me going down into three. The turbo cars have the punch to get up and go, and the AWD trubo cars are just rocket ships out of the corners - it really is impressive to watch, unless you're fighting for position, then it can be a bit frustrating.

    Marty Grand got inside me into 3, I bobbled comng out and he didn;t and he got by going down the back straight to T5.

    He had the advantage of shooting out of the corners, but I was much better under braking and top end - which made for a tough race. I put the pressure on, but went a l;ittle deep under braking and Irish Mike FLynn in the WC-TC E46 Irish Mike's E46 325 was able to get inside of me going into 3 a few laps later. At that point I decided my best shot to get back on the podium was to let those to fight it out and make a move when the time was right. I figured it wouldn;t be too long before they cooked their tires or made a mistake I could take advantage of.

    with 3 laps to go, I was really able to put pressure on them, and as luck would have it, Marty in the Evo had a power steering failure of some sort - I could smell something burning, then saw smoke coming from thje front of his car, then there was spray everywhere. As soon as I saw the smoke I knew that was the time to make a move...two laps later Miker FLynn spun coming out of 8, and I shot past and figured the best thing then would be to drvie clean and smooth and not make mistakes and get to the finsih in a couple laps.

    I was pushing it, HARD. They caught my big slide out of 12, but they missed my equally big slide coming out of one. And some....situationally awreness challenged Miata tha was being lapped decided to block me in 7. I had the tail slithering around in 13 and ther was not a lot of grip in the carousel. Matthw Stall was able to catch me ater I went too hot into 12, but i knew I was a good amount faster than him and was able to pull away. Every lap got faster, save the the last 2

    When I went wide in 12, I was well into the turtles, and they are pretty rough. I knew I wasn;t going to keep it on track, and the only way to save it and my shot at a posium position was to gas it ans ride it out, and hope I didn;t casue damage going back on track.

    The E46 was *much* better then me in the carousel, and we were about equal under braking, but I'm lighter and have good top end pull. For all the cars in the class, with the exception of the ex-pro cars the filed is pretty well balanced amongst the built to class specific cars.

    The smoke - I saw that in the vid my wife shot FROM THE START FINISH GANTRY - -vids to come soon !!! I had some loose upper oil pan bolts that allowed some oil to get out and on the exhaust, nothing serious.

    The kink was sketchy all week - Matt Staal had a tank slapper there during the race, and Irish Mike FLynn swaped ends into the wall on Thursday qualifying.

    John from Elephant Motorsports came out on Tuesday and Wednesday and we made some damper changes and used a Q session for setup experiments, and we picked up 2.5 seconds.

    More in the morning, it's late and I am wiped out right now.


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