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    New car time?


    First post here. (I posted this on another forum, that seems to not get much traffic, sorry if this is a cross post for you, but with only 5 views in 25 hrs on the other forum I doubt it!)
    I have a 2002 S with 112,000 miles on it. I bought it new and the car still drives and runs great.
    It has these issues:
    Brakes will need a full redo soon.
    Exhaust needs to be replaced from cat back.
    It has the stiff shifting issue, but only sporadically(like every 2nd time I drive it, then sometimes it comes and goes)(any advice on the repair of this??)
    Below left tail light there are rust bubbles starting to form.
    The usual paint chips here and there.

    At about 90,000 it had a new AC pump, water pump, and power steering pump.

    Do I:
    A. dump a ton of $ into this car and keep it going for a few more years

    B. Do the most necessary, the exhaust, and make it thru the winter(I have a set of great snows on steel wheels) and unload it in the spring?

    C. Unload now and get:
    1. Cooper S
    2. Clubman S
    3. Countryman 4WD
    4. VW Golf R(ooops did I say that on the Mini forum?)

    Thanks for any advice!
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    those are all goog choices!
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    All of the items you list that it needs is basically any car that is 11 years old with 115,000. If you bought new, then you know the maintenance history and how good or bad it has been maintained.

    Brakes-Can you do the work? brakes are not that difficult and you can replace the rotors and pads for about $150 per axle if you do the work.

    Exhaust-Search the internet. I just bought an OEM muffler for ours off of Craigslist for $60. The guy upgraded his exhaust several years ago and the muffler has been in his basement since.

    When was the last time the fluid was changed in your tranny?

    Our 2002 also has some rust bubbles under the taillights, so I am just keeping an eye on them for now.

    Of course all of your chaoices are good. If you are buying used it is always a good idea to have a reputable shop do a pre buy inspection and if the car has maintenance records that is a plus.

    02 Mini w/Aero
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