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    question on how best to remove tight wheel lug nuts

    June '87 325is 200k+ miles

    Having trouble getting my lug nuts off my basketweave wheels. I am using just a regular 4-spoke tire iron or whatever they call it. It seems the lug nuts are just on there really tight from the last time I had my tires changed out.

    As I want to be able to take the wheels off myself, in case I get a flat tire out in the middle of no-where, how can I best get off tight lug nuts?

    I heard before if I apply a lot of force with a tire iron I could break the lug nut bolts?

    I was thinking to buy long breaker bar with socket fitting to apply incremental torque. Maybe also apply some PB Blaster or lubricant as well and let soak a bit before wrenching on them?

    Ideas please. I searched the forum didn't see anything about this. Thanks in advance!
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    go to your friendly local tire shop or corner gas station. give the guy a 5 spot (10 if he looks at you funny) to take them loose with his air powered impact gun. Then you tighten them by hand, to about 65 ft/lbs of torque. use a torque wrench., and from then on you will be able to do it. When these shops put them on with the gun it gets way too tight. If they break, you will have to replace them..no biggie
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