For all those who say this cannot be done, you can put 325i 88-89-90-91 engine in an IX job is not easy. Actually its a bitch. 4 things to remember 1) oil pump in 325IX spins the other way so make sure to remove spindle assembly (shaft) at the timing belt. 2) take the oil pump connecting drive shaft to spindle gear (shorter on the IX) 3) there are 2 extra holes to be drilled and tapped at the oil pan on the drivers side the are for the long bolts the are on each side of the drivers side drive shaft behind the front diff. 4) redrill and tap all engine mount bolt holes a you require the original mounts because of the drive shafts. all other components work with minor adjustments. If you can carry over your water pump. or you will need to adjust for the filler hose. The overflow in the 325i is on the passenger side IX on drivers side. So GOOD LUCK and have plenty of patience.... [email protected]