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    Another cold weather starting problem

    I have a 94 525i m50 with 190,000. Great car, but as the weather is getting colder in VA I've had the same problem twice. When it is left outside all night and the weather drops below freezing, the car won't start in the morning. Here are the symptoms:

    1. Interior lights will NOT come on when doors are opened, but will come on when switched on
    2. Car will vigorously crank but not fire
    3. Central locking does not work.
    4. All other electronics-radio, headlights, horn-work fine
    5. When it warms up, it works fine. I know it will start when I open the door and the interior lights come on.

    It's not the battery. What is the common link between the interior light circuit and the starting circuit and is temperature related?
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    Replacing the General Module under the rear seat solved the problem, and also another problem that I didn't mention, which was that my driver side rear window stopped working. I assumed it was the motor, but changing the General Module fixed all the problems.
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