My daily driver failed me today... Just after slowly rolling over a speed bump near my home tonight, the airbag warning lights came on. Before I knew it, the E65 stalled out and came to rest peacefully on the side of the road. I completed the shut down of the car, then attempted to restart. Upon restart, the starter engaged, but didn't stop attempting to start!!! Fearing that the starter would burn out, I quickly pulled the key. After a couple of more attempts, I let her 'rest' for a few minutes while I refreshed my memory on how to pop her into neutral, thinking I may have to push her home. I went back in for another restart attempt, and she turned over no problem like a champ. However, the airbag warning lights are still on.

Has anyone encountered this issue before? Thoughts? I fear a stall out at 70MPH !!!

2003 745i 71k

- Jason