Got a set of 98-02 Camaro SS lightweight alu calipers. They are dual piston and extremely light. I was wondering if this would be an upgrade to the stock M3 calipers. The dual piston is better I know,
and the pad is larger then the M3 so it would provide larger braking surface area.
Not sure about clamping force though. My reason for the upgrade or I should say change was, its lighter, dual piston, larger surface area and inexpensive to get the caliper and also the pads.

Don't know if the brake hose would fit into the caliper, but thats easy to change, and I will need an adapter to fit the caliper to the knuckle. We could try and use a larger rotor with that caliper,
but not sure which one. Maybe an E46 rotor ?

anybody ever did such thing ? a caliper bracket is around 80-100usd/pair according to a machine shop who has done many already. thats including the work and powder-coating of a bracket.