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    I"m in the process to aquire a 2000 , 2.8 standard Z3 with 56,000miles impala brown convertible and im really confused at what the E chassis is and engine when ordering parts. From what i gather its a E36 and a M52 engine. The place im byuing from has replaced all the belts and will perform a brake and coolent flush. I want to be proactive and order a few parts like water pump and such . What recommendations would you have for me to do on this car. I looked at OEMbimmmerparts for stuff but is is confusing to enter your model number and such to do a parts lookup. When looking at parts what model and stuff do i enter to see pricing and stuff.Also any recommendations on a fault code reader. I have a 2000 jetta and do a lot of the work myself and i have a fault code reader and this really helps. I do basic stuff like brakes,oil changes,exhaust,alternator,tension pulleys ect. I dont have the confidence to rip an engine apart so i guess i need a intermidiate fault code reader.
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    Sounds like a good find! You are purchasing an e36/7. It began life as an e36 chassis, originally, and was modified by BMW as quickly as possible so they could compete in the roadster market.

    To find EXACTLY what you're buying, go to www.realoem.com and type in the last 7 digits of the VIN. You'll find all kinds of good stuff.

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    Passenger Eject (unfortunately non-functional) - OEM Passenger Airbag Disable switch
    Polk Audio all around - Blaupunkt PA amps - LeatherZ Mark II armrest - Strong Strut Trio -
    AUX input via tapedeck
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