I have a car that's only ever been jumped once when I left lights on all night.

Got hit last week right next to battery. $1k or so worth of body damage, and car won't start. Had to jump it multiple times daily since... body shop had to jump it just to move it to back lot after it had been running just 20 minutes previous.

Ins refuses to cover anything but the bodywork saying I can't prove it's direct result of impact.

My take is: No way I'm letting this go. I had a car that worked fine with no problems, and I refuse to sign off on receiving back a non-functioning vehicle after repairs.

Just want to put the feelers out there to pick up the lingo, and know my rights down to the letter. This is pure BS. I've done nothing wrong here, and my car has been non-functional since the moment it was hit. Getting jumped 3-4x a day is not a functioning vehicle in my book.

My inclination is to refuse to sign anything or accept the vehicle back at all until this is rectified.

Any further advice?

FL if that matters.