I have an 07 MINI that I love. Problem is it has had multiple issues over the almost a year I have had her. Bought in May 2011 with about 54k miles and I am at 65k now. A few seals replaced, water pump recall done, and a brand new turbo (original failed about 2 months ago). Moat issues were warranty, but the latest is not. The term 'lemon' has been brought up many times. I love my MINI but fear the pattern of major issue needing repair. So, for the current.

The error code is A0B6 CAS: Selector-lever interlock.
Basically I was left stranded at home one morning because the car would not start. Turns out the gear shift lever was in park, but the car mistook it for reverse. The dealer states I need to replace the entire shift unit. Parts and labor are quoted at just over $1,000 and is not covered by warranty.
I have been able to 'reset' the issue by releasing the parking brake and rocking the car back and forth a few times. I can then start and drive the car as normal. The issue is random, but happening more, and more often.

Anyone have any experience, or options, or ideas for a permanent solution? My near empty wallet and I thank you.