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    tires run flat vs standard

    I hate the run flat tires - poor wear, and need to leave the car when you need to have one replaced. I want to know if I chnage to standard tires, will i need all new rims or can i mount standard tires on existing rims?
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    You do not need new rims. You can put standard tires on the rims.

    I personally like the run-flats. Little noiser but it doesn't bother me.
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    Run-flat tyres: some practical advantages.

    I've been very glad on several occasions to have run-flats on my BMW. Here'ssome thoughts, that may help you to decide, that I drafted for my local dealer.


    You will get on-screen notification as soon as a tyre loses pressure. Dependant upon what is advised in your Car Owner’s Handbook, you can now drive around for 70 – 100 miles at up to 50mph until your earliest opportunity to get the tyres checked by your dealer or tyre specialist.

    You are immediately made aware of a tyre problem and can modify your speed and handling of the car. However unlike tyre pressure monitors on conventional tyres you can continue safely on your journey within the parameters in your Car Owner’s Handbook.

    Whatever the reason for your journey (business or pleasure) you can continue without having to attend to a possible puncture. No more delayed appointments, missed flights, holidays spoiled or vexed children.

    Punctures have a habit of occurring on a busy or lonely road at night and when it’s raining. Can you see yourself or your friends/family stranded in a forsaken spot and having to wait for help from a road emergency service? Another nightmare scenario is the hard shoulder of a motorway with trucks thundering by. You may have to park in the nearside “slow” lane one a motorways with no hard shoulder. With runflats the car can be driven home (if within the recommended distance); to a tyre dealer or to a place of safety to await your emergency services.

    It’s reassuring to know when our partner and/or children are out socialising of an evening that a puncture will not cause them to break-down in a lonely or unsuitable area.

    Anyone who has tried to change a wheel by at a roadside with cars and traffic roaring past a few feet away will quickly realise the danger they have put themselves in. With runflats there is no need to change a wheel at the roadside; instead drive on and get the tyre checked out at your dealer or tyre specialist.

    When it comes your turn to change a wheel you will find it no easy task. Locate the jack and spanner; fiddle around trying to work out how the jack operates and where the arm slots into the car’s bodywork.
    Then locate the spare wheel under all your luggage or trade samples which you’ll have to temporarily store inside the car or on top of your passengers. If the spare wheel is in a cradle under the car it will be filthy and soon you will be also.

    Then you’ll become aware that alloy wheels stick to the steel hubs and they are tough to separate. Bash the tyre to hard and the jack could collapse. When the wheel become loose you become aware of how heavy a large alloy is and even more so when you’re attempting to line up the spare wheel bolt holes with the matching holes in the hub and get the nuts engaged without stripping the thread. If you have a skinny spare then you may have a problem. Sometimes the store space for the spare is also skinny and your punctured tyre on full-size alloy will not fit.

    What price personal safety and convenience? Some Runflats (e.g. Dunlop) can be repaired but most need to be replaced. However most punctured tubeless tyres have hidden damage from being run on rims and should be scrapped and replaced.

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